Stress, Stress, Stress



Stress, stress, stress… most of us try to avoid it, some of us abhor it and inevitable we humans seek to achieve homeostasis or balance at all cost in our surroundings. We view stress be it physical, spiritual, mental, financial etc as a nuisance, an annoyance, a distractor and even a deterrent to our success. A few years ago I became obsessed with the idea of failure and how people fail. After talking to both people who considered their lives a great success and others who viewed their endeavors as total failures I realized that the end result of their ventures or endeavors was intricately linked to the way that they handled stress.

It quickly became very evident that success and failure were almost immediately preceded by a stressor and the way in which one responded to that stressor was bound to determine whether or not they failed or succeeded. I pondered that thought for a few months until I came upon a quote of Myles Monroe which stated “Stress exists to make a demand on my potential”. I was immediately reminded of my grade school physics teacher who drilled into me the concept of potential energy. In Physics, potential energy is defined as the energy an object has due to its position relative to some zero position. This is in contrast to kinetic energy which is due to the object’s motion.

I was thrilled when I read this because potential energy was essentially innate ability irrespective of outside socioeconomic factors that may affect current standing. However, a possible influencing factor on potential is how one choses to position themselves in their individual environment. Once I understood that concept, I felt there was hope for average people like me.

Remember this everytime you face a stressor in life: Stress exists to make a demand on your potential! The way you choose to deal with stress will either mar you or build you up aka fail or succeed! This thought process inspired me to write the above statement: “Stress is a necessary prerequisite to incite growth”.

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