Upon her sight, within her candor, common thoughts inspire, the mood to certain judgement wakes, and looms upon desire. Upon her magic hands of grace, and time within her clutch, her thoughts embrace, the world we face, and reason in her touch. Upon her grasp, the winds sweep freely, west of all advice, upon the living breeze that blows forever in device. Upon the sails that mast the speed, upon the waves at night, the shoreline waits upon the currents, on the tide of flight. Upon her wings a fairy sings within her given fare, upon the skies and in replies of angels who are there. Upon the rising moonlit feel, upon the oceans break, upon the moonlight in our soul that’s destined to relate. Upon the fairies wish  we glide, upon the right of way, and dawn upon the evening heights within the light of day. The shadows stretch, the darkness, seals and journeys to go on, upon the coast of quests aboard the right that we belong.