I’m still trying to make sense of it allHow someone can see you better than you see yourself. 

Please God if he is a lie, I pray I’m blinded to the truth. 

This bliss, away from the skeletons hidden in my skin. 

This pillow, so soft, I pray you make it last 

This cloud, oh pretty please let me fly. 

Hearts beating way too fast.

Let the time go slow, this is my plea. 

If this is a drug, I want to stay high, 

Let me be free! 

Let the overdose take me into the sky. 

Away from this reality. 

Im so amazed at how you can look at me! 

You see my catastrophe, 

I got a question! 

Are you freakin crazy!? 

All the pains that have been told to me, 

are now coming back like a melody. 

“You’re crazy”

“You need help” 

“Stop being a woman” 

“You’re too emotional”

“You’re the Queen of fucking shit up” 

Now here you are, 

Someone new. 

Like, seriously, 

What the fuck do you want from me!?

Cause I swear I ain’t got nothin else to give. 

So if you come for trouble, 

This is no longer the place that it lives! 

It’s peace that I’m searching for!

My heart is at war. 

Leaving it open, is a death sentence is what they teach. 

Well, I can’t see you if you refuse to see me. 

Little do they know, the Lord up above is the one that I seek. 

So whatever happens, let it come for me. 

Fear can’t continue to have control of me is what Ive been led preach. 

So if love is truly what you seek, then come fly away with me. 


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