The Market Fairy.

In depth upon the air of midnight, shadows fill the scenes, upon the windows that reflect, the darkness in our dreams. A path before the windswept harrows, markets will proceed, upon the deepest secrets that our senses will perceive, a soul is sold, for less than gold, and more than good advise, however sums, are willed by chance and dealt upon the price. In value strung before the banter, spells the terms in light, upon the flaming wick that burns forever in delight. In flight the tongues are torn in two, and tripped to device, in time to see the objects lift, and drift along enticed. A roaming fairy. chose such wings in motions of the breeze, that sets upon enchantment in the wonder of the trees. At night, the moonlight will enhance, her troubles with desires, upon the doorways she attends, upon the turn of liars. Her feeling sets, her touch forgets, her magic twists compose, the logic in her reasoned worth, in words she has enclosed.