Winter Rumbles


Looking out my back door today,

Wednesday-February 15, 2017.

A wintry white mix is falling in

Southern New Hampshire.

I realize the temperature is

above freezing as the icicles

reaching down from the roof’s

snow overhang are just starting

to drip.

I grab my phone to snap a couple

Of pics I think might spark a

happy memory or two when I

message them to my daughter

down south.

Done! I say “c’mon kids,” to the

dogs who have joined me and are

romping through the snow on the

deck. Inside we go. Not 5 minutes

later, I hear the now familiar

rumble of the metal roof getting

ready to shrug it’s heavy load.

Rumble, ka thump, ka thump,

rumble, BOOM, rumble, ka thump,

Rumble, BOOM!

And here we have it! A 3 foot wall

of snow leaning against the very

back door I was clicking pics

from not ten…

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