I should have…

sprinkle of thoughts


I should have told you I needed space,
Should have communicated when I lost my pace,
Should have been open or at least left a trace,
But instead, I ran out of the race.

I should have come to you in need,
Should have called when in tears,
Should have spoken about my fears,
But instead, I drowned in my insecurities.

I gave excuses a lot and I admit,
I lost my cool and even looked like shit,
Carried way too much burden n grieve,
Made u even pay for all my bullshit.

I should have been there,
I should have been clear,
I shouldn’t have let you bear,
All my hurt and despair.
I’m done fighting, I drop my army wear,
I know words don’t even come near,
But I’m really sorry, my beloved!

Sammy J.

Sometimes we just need to spill out instead of regretting later and wishing…

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