It’s Media



By:- Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

Newspaper, television
Paid media and journos
Selling outrageous stories
Of jealousy and treason
Betrayals and communal discord.


Some with intent to destroy
Others spreading rumours.
They don’t care whom the hurt
Loving hypocrisy and trolling
To making outlandish statements
As long as their story is juicy.


Like a vulture circling its prey
Waiting. Waiting for it to fall,
These journos swoop down
On their hapless victims
With their cameras trained
And pens in their hands
To get that tragic headline they want.


Scared of facing a newsless tomorrow
Never speaking the truth
Manipulating facts to fill their plate
They wait for a juicy story
On which an ear can bend
Grinding it in the rumour mill
Speaking slightly above a whisper
They sell it to us on our coffee table.



© All Rights Reserved.
©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  atrangizindagieksafar, 2016.

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