Secret Moonlight.

Secrets kept within the moonlight, creep before desire, that’s crept beyond the hands of space, in time to the inquired. Stars upon the silver threads, upon such strands of sky, approach the shadows in the dark, in shades to be applied. It dawns upon the sun that sets, horizons will be cast: within the change upon effects as evening travels past. The night time curtains draw the dark, and man within the moon, until the dark side has been faced, inside his wicked loom. In gloom upon the light in transit, chanced upon in dreams, in mind to certain quests of standard, tested for the means. In fortunes of the rising sun, the morning will remain, in wait before the light that’s shone, in words to the inflamed. In verse the sandman takes a bow, the watchman rides a mare, in thoughts to think of knowing how, the lady rides a bear.