Guest Post: Aayush Priyank


Aayush Priyank:Fitness Motivation


Motivation is extremely easy to lose, especially when you’re trying to stay fit. And I’d like to share some things that I do to keep my diet on track, and perhaps they’ll help you out too.

The first thing most people do wrong is attempt an overnight transformation. They look at the signs of increasing fat and decide to transform their diet and exercise daily. This thought is likely to do more good than harm.

When you commit to not eating any unhealthy food at all, you leave yourself extremely vulnerable. Let me explain it in a clearer way. Suppose you decide to not eat any unhealthy food. That becomes your goal. When you see food later, you may think to yourself, “Oh, what harm could one bite do? I won’t eat anymore after that.”

This is an extremely slippery slope because once you coax yourself…

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