Guest Post: Kumar Harsh


Kumar Harsh:बोतल भरके सपने…


तराज़ू मैं तोले थे आज सोने के कुछ सिक्के उसने,

आसमान सिर पे था,

पैर ज़मीन पर मेरे,

घर आया एक नन्हा सा सपना था,

क़ैद कर लिया बोतल मैं मैंने उसे,

चमक थी उसकी सोने से कहीं ज़्यादा,

कहता था वो कभी कभी,

हुज़ूर कब है आज़ाद करने का इरादा तुझे।।।।

Our guest today is a writer who happens to be my favourite blogger and loves to write a lot. His other hobbies include photography, singing, playing the violin, guitar. He believes in one thing- “All of us have one life and one life cannot have space for regrets.” Attracted to positivity. Most of the times it is difficult for him to say things out loud. His blog here serves this purpose. A silent observer and a patient listener…. if you want to read some soulful writing then visit his blog. I’m sure…

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