I remember.

sprinkle of thoughts


I remember everything,
Not until yesterday, it was my reality
The words u said had me bleeding
My young heart was left in pieces
All I could think of is “why me?”

I remember leaving all social media
Was my way of getting rid of this drama
A story, pain I couldn’t share with another
Because I found it hard to take a step further
So all I did was bury myself in my chamber.

I remember writing every single tip
That could bring me close to my sanity
Hence save me from my own destruction
Had all my hopes slowly in construction
But I failed! It was all malfunction.

I remember falling down on my knees
Praying this was nothing but a dream
Felt my flesh as I peeled off my skin
Held my chest tight to feel my heartbeat
Hurt so bad I cried myself to sleep

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