The Dream of Light.

The day now having started after passing of the night, twelve hours of darkness left behind, behold twelve hours of light. When the light does shine it sends the darkness swiftly home; to cast its shadows on the sunlit world wherever they may roam. If you closely look their shapes may seem much larger than precise, coveted by a shroud of profile, of object facade length range and height, far into the distance, will they travel on and dance until they merge to take their places in the backgrounds wide expanse. With stealth they steal and as time goes by they’ll claim the world from light, although as different as they are they need the sun to make a life. Reflections of the land and sky, and a fraction of the dark of night: the way they dance, the suns romance: the shadows will survive. And as the day go’s on and sun go’s down to crown the dark again with glory we’ll wonder in its twelve hour shift, till light returns with morning.