The Fiddlers May.

Life inside a fiddlers may, the Devil rides the sun. The grievous Mother nature is Queen meaning of the sum. Sacrifice the evening light, the stories just begun, the morning never starts before the glory that was won. Beasts all share the toast of treats, the King may wish to know, as when the feast is paid for he will know just where to go. Men all ride the pony when the horse should really run: women try the paving to the place called home to come. Naive then is the banter for the call to raise the plan. Endless ways to cram a certain ethic for the damned. Never shuffle meanings with the Crown the way you come. Dreams are jest creations and have yet to just become. Oldest times ovation medieval is the fun. Shovels dig the mirror from the pit the way its done. So the message meaning is the demons roll and say: questions answered only this just never misbehave.