My birthday🎉👑❤

sprinkle of thoughts


Yeah…today is my birthday and it’s amazing how time flies. I look back to who and how I was, I see life and all its experiences: love, pain, sorrow, disappointments, mistake but also growth, endurance, patience, faith, obedience, letting go and all the lessons I could learn. Sometimes I had to be on my own, had to be treated with the hard hand, had to face the consequences of my actions and even though at the moment, I thought everyone hated me…I came to understand life is not a bed of roses and you need those hardships to make it through. I have changed mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically and this can only be for the better.

I could write all day but I’ll just cut it short. I am proud of who I’m becoming and I won’t shame my past because it brought me here today. I’m grateful for life…

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