Guest Post: Susan Langer


Susan Langer: Broken Glass

“Tonight’s blog post is a poem I wrote two days ago named ‘Broken Glass.’ I hope that you enjoy it although the topic is a bit dark. My inspiration for the poem was the broken relationship with my ex when we divorced and my daughter and I moved to Florida from Ohio.  It has taken years but they have reconciled their relationship although they will never get back the time that they lost.”

If the poem touches your heart, please share with your SM friends and followers for me. Susan…
Credit- Susan Langer and Be
Written 2/21/17

You were as cold as ice.
You held me at a distance.
The windows to your soul
your glass that replaced
your heart, hidden by you.

Would it have hurt you to
…welcome my heart’s warmth,
…melt your icy countenance
…let me touch your inner soul?


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