Is progres real?

sprinkle of thoughts

picsart_03-03-08-32-50They say when you want to go forward in life, your past comes knocking right back on your door, seducing and trying to lure you into your old ways. Then you start questioning your existence wondering if what happened before wasn’t a mistake, if where you’re actually going isn’t all rushed up and uncertain. Maybe you miss it, maybe that’s all you’ve ever had and it’s hard moving on. Too many maybes and what ifs. You’re on and off, going back and forth. You seem lost and not moving at all. Or maybe you’re moving but someone’s pulling you back. So there’s one question popping: is progress real? This happened to me yesterday.

Truly, my birthday(2nd March) started right off from the 1st because a friend surprised me with a birthday cake and it was just beautiful. Then the birthday wishes started pouring in: my younger sister literally made me…

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