An Awakened Dream



The morning chorus
A vibrant landscape
Sweet earthy scent
Invading my senses
Tree leaves flirtatiously
Dancing with the wind,
Flowers blooming; petals uncurling
Exposing their silk & velvet insides
Parading their vibrant colours to the sun,
Vulnerable to the butterflies
And bees in abundance
Busy feasting on their nectar.

The vivid green grass continues
To lend it’s carpeted splendour
Weaving a magic so surreal
Speaking a language so foreign
Yet so charming. Today I wish
I could parlay the fallacies I face
For the humming and chirping
That fills through the warming air,
For the nature’s music has just begun.
Me and my camera; capturing spring
And life at its peak,
I feel as if I’m walking
In an awakened dream.

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