Someone Tell France: We know what you did


#SomeoneTellFrance: We Know What You Did by Kathleen Ndongmo on Medium

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My father had good reason not to stand the French and anything to do with France. From as young as age 12, he made sure he detailed the diabolical deeds and atrocities that France committed on us as a people. How she not only wiped out thousands of indigenous people but also successfully chained our nation to a lifetime of slavery and economic bondage.

I remember the first time a very young me went for a French transit visa in Yaounde. I found the visa officer particularly hostile. For no apparent reason, she persistently bullied me with inconsequential and condescending questions. At some point, she asked rather haughtily:

“Why do you want to go to France?’’

Without blinking, I shot back:

“I am going through France because I am obliged to. My parents have paid taxes to…

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