Cupid missed his shot.

sprinkle of thoughts


They say love is a beautiful thing when you find it. But no one speaks about how devastating it is when lost, felt for the wrong people or betrayed. It’s a complicated world. People have a hard time finding each other  but when they do, they’re scared to take the risk. Why is that so? Fear of rejection? Fear of not being loved the way we deserve? Fear of unrequited love? Fear of inconsistency? Fear of not being able to love like we used to? Fear of being hurt? Fear of allowing ourselves to love? Fear, fear, fear…I have been in that cycle for a while now.

I’ve had my share of heartbreaks, of not feeling good enough even when I gave my utmost best, my all and each blow weakened me day by day. At that point when you lose someone you love, someone you shared everything with, someone…

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