I want to but…

sprinkle of thoughts


I want to talk but I lack the words.

I want to breathe but I find it so hard.

I want to live but it seems so risky.

I want to be happy but something within me

screams that i don’t deserve it.

I want to dance but I’m afraid to.

I want to travel the world but I guess I don’t have the means.

I want to be free but will I be able to handle it?

I want to love but I’m scared of being hurt.

I want to forgive but it’s harder than I thought.

I want to be me but I feel I’m gonna be judged.

I want to cry but I’m all dried up.

I want to make a change but there’s so much pressure on me.

I want to do so many things but where do I start from?

Start from you, from within…

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