Why there will never be peace between ISRAEL AND PALESTINE


Wait. Wait. I don’t mean to sound so downbeat with that Title. I’m just a little black girl with a dream. Prepping for my future articles for The Daily Nation, The Diplomat et cetera.

Aha.. mastering the art of CONFESSING TO POSSESS. You should try it too.

Dear Reader, Please note that not all the italicized words should be taken seriously. Also, any sarcastic statements should be taken on a light note. Me doe wann no flags!

Yours, Joan

OK, Let’s Talk Conflict!

I’ll brief you in case you have no idea of what has been happening in the Middle-east for the past couple of decades. (definitely not trying to insinuate your ignorance with the edit)

Israel and Palestine  have been at war with each other for a good number of years. Some say it begun Before Christ, but that’s just another group of persons without concrete facts!


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