Worry not my child…

sprinkle of thoughts


Worry not, my child

Last night I heard you cry

I saw your eyes run dry

I felt your heart scream goodbye

And all you wanted to do was flop!

You think I ain’t around

You feel I’m surely bluff

So you curse the day I made you

You claim I abandoned you.

Stop for a while and listen carefully

That voice that speaks gently

Giving you little hope through your mourning

That’s me slowly filling in.

So worry not, my child

I’ll restore your sight

I’ll uphold your pride

I will be your might

Your star will shine bright

Just hold on tight

For I’m always by your side.

Worry not, my child.

Sammy J.

This is for anyone feeling they are carrying the world on their shoulders. God’s got you so just hold on tight. This is mostly for myself as I have my breaking times. God bless…

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