Hoping Against Hope


A crimson sunset
Horizon ablaze
With splendour or
Mixed colours in the evening skies
Eyes shining
With unrequited passion
Hugging your memories;
Holding on to them tightly
Close to my heart
“See you later,” you said
As we were parting.
It’s been two years now
And I’m still reminiscing over
Every second we spent together.
As I turn back to the house
Where my lonely heart lives…
I can see my sunshine dream
Setting in the distance.
Like a fool, I still keep sending
My prayers to God sometimes wondering
If the address is wrong.
A prisoner of my mind,
Fighting a predetermined destiny,
I go on… hoping against hope.

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©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  atrangizindagieksafar, 2016.

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