Practice the pause…

sprinkle of thoughts


Life…it’s funny cuz when we were young, we all wanted to grow and be big. Do big things, be on our own, be able to buy things on our own etc. And when finally got to grow, we wanted to go back to our little selves, playing around and not worrying about life and all it takes to be a grown up. Now we have the responsibilities, the bills to pay, the advice to give to our younger ones, the mistakes we’ve made and yeah, sometimes it gets harder and harder. But here we are, we’ve made it till date right? Great…

During this whole process of growing up, we really do get tired. Tired of failing, of making mistakes, of sleepless nights. Tired of the fights with loved ones. Tired of the heartbreaks. Tired of working, tired of everything you know and we just wanna fade away. Have a…

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