What are you really scared of?

sprinkle of thoughts

A scared and shaking boy

I don’t know how many quotes I’ve read about fear or how many times someone told me ” Donot let your fears dictate your life. Be bold. Just go for it.” Yeah yeah I get it but really, let’s just pause for a moment. We all have our fears and we do all our best not to let that control us but what’s the deeper issue? Ok, we have the “I‘m scared of ants, snakes etc” type of fear and you have the “I’m scared of trying something new” or “I’m scared of people judging me etc” type of fear. But I do believe there is a way deeper reason to whatever we are really scared of. So let me try to break it down…

I procastinate alot and sometimes even for important stuff. I like to do things at the very last moments and…

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