Riddle of the Fairies Bluff.

A wicked fairies wings will flap within the fields of care, within the moonlight in our steps we’re conscious to be fair. Upon a tread, worth feet will stride, in company of flowers, while in the depth of shadows cast our silhouettes are towers. Comfort stretched upon the magic, nights had seen forecast, upon the coursing endless dreams in romance of the past. Inside such thoughts as would reside, her chosen lights were sired, in fate foreseen inside the stream, the waters pass inquired.  Enclosed in fright, the west winds grasp, their hold to be inflamed, in gales upon the gusty flights of demons she has named. With strength we fight, the fast in average , daylight has been classed, upon the turning message in the moonlight she has passed. In dawn her wretched loathsome sights, enclosed the morning briars, within the wild of roses red upon the form of triers.