Right or wrong?

sprinkle of thoughts

right wrong

  “It’s funny how a single word can make a heart open”…

We argue a lot, way too much and most times we just want to prove a point.

Dressed in our superiority coats, full of pride,

We find ourselves at crossroads, positioned on battlefields we promised never to partake in.

And we shoot; words of contempt, frustration, and arrogance.

Signs of lack of trust, misunderstanding, and impatience.

Pouring salt on fresh wounds, we bleed!

In the process we unleash skeletons of the past.

How did it get so messy? We don’t really care!

This is no longer mere talk, we are at war.

We have reached Mutually Assured Destruction…M.A.D!

We have nukes pointing at each other, this is really sad.

And when things turn out not to be in our favor, we begin bashing.

Blaming, fussing and playing the victim.

I can take just as much but…

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