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Have you just published a new post and are dying for some feedback? Are you redesigning your blog and could use some layout or design advice from your more seasoned peers?

The Community Pool is for peer feedback and advice. Looking for more specific information? Check out some of these resources:

Tap into the wisdom of The Daily Post blogging community and leave your question here in the comments. Others can then click through and offer input either on your site, or in the comments here (feel free to indicate which you’d prefer).

Looking for free, self-guided courses to help you get started with your blog (or revive…

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37 thoughts on “Community Pool

  1. Hi everyone, I am Aditi and my blog page is relatively new. I write about contemporary social issues (my perspective ) and try to analyse the cause and solutions to the same. I love discussing new ideas with people, kindly read my posts and share your thoughts on the topics discussed ( in favour or against). It would be a great learning experience.🙂
    The following link is of my latest post:

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    1. Hi Aditi!
      I visited your link.
      I feel that the gender difference is feed into a individual’s mind from the day they are born. It is so deep routed that almost everyone is doing it knowingly or unknowingly.
      Enjoyed the post.

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  2. Hey, beautiful beings!
    I am Smriti and it has been a beautiful one month of blogging!
    I believe in the power of the written word and how it can make this world a better place, a place where there is peace and love; love above all else.
    My blog is a little something where I intend to share my deepest thoughts and feelings because I guess all of you, somewhere, feel the same; a way to reach out and connect.
    I hope my words make a difference.
    Yours Truly.✨

    The following is the link to my latest post, your reviews are welcome and would be greatly appreciated!✨

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    1. Hi Liv, I liked your blog but I was thinking that the homepage is a little sparse, it doesn’t ‘grab you’ if that makes sense. You seem full of life, and character and thats amazing, but I think maybe your blog could reflect that a little more, a little more colorful maybe? Also, i think it’d be cool to have some of your posts displayed near the top of the page rather than right at the bottom as I was a little confused about where to actually read them..hence the scrolling. I do think it’s great though, love the picture of the giraffe too!

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