Stars of Transition.

The darkness bites, the candle lights, the shadows are dismayed, the darkest souls in judgment are the deepest sights displayed. The moonlight rests the world invests, in sleep until the dawn, the sunrise is awoken by the night to be in form. The stars alight the brilliant flight, upon the world we stare, in universal clusters of the twilight in affair. The seas are strange, the tides arrange, the currents to the shore, the sails will set adjustments that the breeze has blown before. The wind will fight, the oceans sleight, the rivers runs succeed, the price of evolution in the time to be perceived. The mountains roll, the thunders toll, the bells will chime in awe, the timing of the thoughts is rung in distance from the floor. Foundations met upon the net in rights the sun will last, in light that’s not as daunting as the needs before the past.