Song ‘Nearer To The Heart’s Desire’ (audio & lyrics)

Michel Montecrossa’s Song Nearer To The Heart’s Desire – read the complete song lyrics in this blog post here – have a great day!

Nearer To The Heart’s Desire

Indeed the idols I have loved so long
have done my credit in this world much wrong:
Have drowned my glory in a shallow cup,
and sold my reputation for a song.

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Images: stills from Michel Montecrossa’s COURAGE & LOVE CLIMATE CHANGE MUSICAL ‘THE HOUSE OF TIME PART I – EVERY MOMENT’, a visionary sci-fi CG action thriller moving between earth and unbelievable sky-city, a fullstream consciousness movie about the growth and victory of Cyberwarrior Michel and his avatar Mike in a changing terrestrial and marsian world. The futurist love-story of cyberwarrior Michel, his soul- and dreamgirls, Mystery, Hazel, and the mysterious Lady from the Sun. Reality passion in cyberworld. Virtual body and organic body love-making touching the secret of the timebody. Good and evil transcended. The story of Cyberwarrior Michel becoming champ & stream of consciousness musician. Together with his girls Mystery and Hazel and virtuality friends he is bringing courage and love power-music into the multidimensional, organic world of humanitarian, economical and ecological crisis. Michel, Mystery and Hazel know how to freely move in time. They know how to change everything. Further information: – watch the Trailer here on Vimeo




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