Clear the stumbling blocks!!

When I open my eyes in the morning,

There is a stumbling block waiting for me;

When I get up to go out of my room,

There is a stumbling block waiting for me ;

When I jump in to my bath to take a bath to go out,

A stumbling block is waiting for me ;

When I leave home to get out into the world ,

I find stumbling blocks staring at me;

Throughout the day,

There are stumbling blocks everywhere;

My life is full of stumbling blocks;

What a world!

Stumbling blocks;



But I will not focus on them;

For, beside every obstacle is an opportunity,

Bedside every stumbling block

Is a stepping stone;

I will focus on the stepping stones;

The opportunities;

I will clear the obstacles

And seize the opportunities;

I will skip the stumbling blocks

And step on the stepping stones;

Thus my success will be sure.