I’m Setting Myself Up for Failure

I'm setting myself up for failure
To venture into the unknown is like jumping into a precipice. As human beings, we are hardwired to stay within the pack and be safe. Yet creative minds have the tendency to roam into uncharted territories. It’s their way of letting out the Beast within that seeks expression.
Each of us, at some point, give in to the wishes of this Beast. Whether prepared or not, we start the pursuit to please this longing. For there is no right time to follow the call, we just have to say yes when the bell rings. This is where I am at this very moment: on the takeoff for my first ever book. (Yehey!)
But outcome must be faced realistically. While the way to a successful endeavor is to embrace positivity that everything will turn out as expected, there is no denying the fact that failure is the other side of the coin. We may work our butts off till dawn, but destiny is not in our control. We may have faith, yes; we may pray hard, yes; we may have all the resources, yes, but our fate lies in a Power beyond our human understanding. He alone knows when to give us the limelight, and when to hold it.
Dealing with the possibility of failure is one motivator of success. It is the fear of what could go wrong that pushes us to do the things right and do whatever it takes to achieve success. And when failure is what we find at the end of the road, we have to embrace it in all its ugliness, for another adventure awaits us: to start all over again and apply the lessons that failure brings.
For now, as an amateur, as I am, I’m doing everything I can to bring about the outcome that I hoped to be.
Wish me luck!
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10 thoughts on “I’m Setting Myself Up for Failure

  1. I like the way you frame “failure” here… Because it really is another stepping stone to something greater. (Although that’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes, I know!)

  2. You prayer is my prayer Nezel. I do not expect any failure. If you don’t get what you want, you will get one more stepping-stone to your dream. Many of those who shine and spark today as great ones failed their way to where they are. Each failure took them closer to their dream until they caught up with it. Whether it’s failure or success, it takes the tough-minded optimist closer to their dream.

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