That was #friday evening….on 28th April 2k17.Me along with Wife and our Niece went for a Pizza 🍕 retreat at “The Dominos” in the adjoing “Rangoli Mal in front of our Apartment. After returning home 🏡I got a call from the Dominos guys asking “Will Aayushi be interested to join a Pizza 🍕 making session on Sunday 30th April ?

I took no time and said “yes”.

Man in #Red…..in the Chef gown.I was busy in stuffing finally before putting in to the oven.

It was a nice opportunity to learn #Pizza making along with #Dominos guys on the #Store it self . 

Really speaking while accompanying our niece to the Pizza 🍕 outlet for a hands_on pizza making session under the guidance of Dominos’ #MasterChefs I just asked in a very casual manner “will you guys allow me to try pizza 🍕 making ? The answer was “straight yes…why not !

It was a real life time experience to try hands on @pizza making .Yes it was initially a fun but as I started making the Pizza , to be honest the Chefs were stunned to see the way I made all stuffings before putting the same in to the oven and they said “I was no less than the professionals”.

Finally a Selfie 🤳 with Chef guys..lovely.

 🙏 I am personally thankful to #TeamDominos for honouring with a certificate of #PizzaChef.

I just tried my hands but now I am confident I can get a nice job in any Pizza speciality shoppe😍.

To be honest “both the Pizzas” 🍕 by me & Aayushi were awesome & different in taste….may be because it was #Selfmade.we both got our #PizzaChef certificates….

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