*Life begins with You only*

life begins with You….O N L Y

Everybody aspires for the #best from life….but 😜 there is a proverb “as you sow so you reap”

It’s our own thoughts about the people and situation around us…that creates our own World 🌎.

I am sure not just me , you too have noticed it in your life ” the people who are more connected to the voice from within are more peaceful in their life”

Connected doesn’t mean connected to the material world 🌎 it’s the connection with the world 🌎 beyond it….where ” everything is a void …..the inner “tranquility”…the closeness to the “Supreme soul” !

People are always victim of their own deeds and own thoughts . I can give a small example ” a thief thinks the whole world 🌎 is full of thieves & the saint thinks the while world 🌎 is full of saints.

Like wise , If we are good at heart ❤️compassionate to the needy and the poor & the downtrodden , I am sure no force on earth can shatter our good being. Goodness is a habit which needs to culminated in our daily doing and practising it.The more good 😊 we are to “others” the more the “others” will be good to us in return .

If we remember a saying by Swami Vivekananda….”में उस प्रभु का सेवक हूँ जिसे अज्ञानी लोग मनुष्य कहते हैं “.It means I serve those Gods whom the ignorants call as human beings . Service to mankind is service to God .

The main “fundamentals”of life are…………..




The moment we start thinking about miseries of other’s…..our own miseries look too small .

My mother used to say…

Never hurt 😭 anybody how so ever the situation may be ! Now I realise how her words are effective in our day to day life…hurting others accumulates negativity in our life & there is always a polite way to express ourselves.

We are all players in some way or other in this Beautiful stage of World 🌎.

Let’s have an open heart ❤️ to learn from our own mistakes and march ahead….Life never ends……

Words from Heart ❤️.

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