~Pot ☕️ Tea~ खूलड वाली चाई


That was a nice sunday morning…I along with my wife on a morning ride on my Royal Enfield Bullet stopped by at a roadside Tea stall in a sub-urban town named Buxar in Bihar.

Enjoying tea ☕️ on a roadside Nukkad is an unique experience though everybody may not subscribe to it.

These Tea Pots are popularly called as “Kulladh”which are common to places like Bihar , Up , Delhi and even Streets of Kolkata.

It’s owsum to sip tea from a Kulladh because of it’s the smell of Mitti (मिट्टी दाँ खूसबू )that adds to the aroma of tea in a big way.A couple of sips of steaming hot tea served in Kullads has been a thrilling, enchanting experience for many tea lovers with a strong…

।।nostalgia and affinity for the aroma of the pot blended with the aroma of the tea ।।

The craze and fancy for kullad tea still continue to grow unabated in many parts of the country including most of our “railway stations” and “bus stands”.

People still throng around the popular tea stalls and local restaurants to enjoy the unique taste of this tea which kickstart their day with a real


 “Gusto and Flavour”.

May be I think only in India we get such options to enjoy Pot Tea ☕️ on road side .

I remember those wonderful days at Buxar…”Stopping by some roadside tea stall and enjoying tea from a Clay pot”. ।। खूलड वाली चाई ।।

Nostalgic Moments are always cherished…hope you stop by to have a sip…..😜

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