Sticking our posts

Hello friends, How are you doing? I see the family rebuilding itself gradually. Thank everybody for your fidelity to Success Inspirers’ World. As good family we are together in good and in bad weather. I know it will take a while before things get fully on the rails; but thank God for the opportunity to prove our ‘stickability’.
Some of you have raised the issue of sticking posts on our site. A number of you have also advised on it. I thought it appropriate to throw it open for discussion. Should we all be free to stick our posts or the right should be reserved for the Admin. Many have already said it should be the Admin. What do you think?
While we wait to take a collective decision on this, I wish to appeal that for now let us not stick our posts until a decision has been taken. Thanks for your kind understanding. Meanwhile, please, give your opinion on this.