~Wildlife Photography~

~Wildlife Photography is a vast subject~

Spotted deer clicked at Betla Wild life in district Palamu Jharkhand India.

Royal Bengal Tiger @Oromanjhi National Park India.

Macho Bison encountered @Betla National Forest in Jharkhand India.

Wildlife Photography is a really vivid subject.I was very much keen to take shots of Wild Animals and Birds in their natural captivity since I was too young . I strongly believe that whatever we wish from from core of our heart God is always there to fulfill our wishes.


Royal Stag 🦌 @Betla National Park Palamu in India.

I once again thank my luck in my professional career,by virtue of which, I could get many chances to see varieties Of Wildlife Sanctiaries across India.

Spotting an Indian Gaur in such a Pose , as if giving Portrait shot 😜@Betla Tiger 🐯 Reserve Forest 🌳

Fighting Blackbucks a rare shot@Buxar in Bihar India.

Fighting Bison @Betla National Forest in Jharkhand India.

Wild Elephant crossing the road with a small baby @Chilapata Forest Range in West Bengal India.

Egret are so plenty in swampy lands clicked @Sunderbans Delta in WB India.

A Black Drongo looks so different andmay be its the climate there, I clicked it on an island in Sunderbans WB India.

Nilgai were so plenty to be spotted on open fields at Buxar in Bihar India.

Monkeys 🐒 are always so caring for their babies….click from Betla National Park in Palamu India.

These clicks, I have compiled from my shots taken during my postings at Siliguri in West Bangal, Buxar in Bihar,Daltonganj & Ranchi in Jharkhand ,Bhitarakanika in Odisha & many more places I have visited as a tourist with my I wife and her Brother.

  My Wife and her Brother are always my co-travellers as well my inspiration for which I am quite thankful to both of them for giving me a meaningful company in all my 

“Wildlife Photography Trips”.


Golden spotted deer. Licked  @Sunderbans Forest West Bengal India.

A herd of Nilgai resting in open field @Buxar in Bihar India.

Blackbuck Trio in pose clicked @Buxar in Bihar India.

Golden Spotted Deer @Kuldiha Forest in Odisha India.

Clicked this shot of Royal Stag resting against a tree @Betla Tiger Reserve Forest 🌳 

Getting a glimpse of Spotted Deers 🦌duo is a rare shot in such a Pose @Betla Tiger 🐯 Reserve Forest

This Indian National Bird-Peacock as clicked at Kuldiha Forests in Odisha India.

Giant squirrel I got to click at Kuldiha Forests in Odisha India.

I dedicate all my photographs to Wildlife photographers(amateurs as well as professionals) across The Globe.

I am quite sure each and every photographs will leave behind a story…

For any quarries please feel free to contact me.

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