~You are your Own Master~


Hello dear ❤️ Friends….
Never forget…..
You are the most wonderful and awesome creation of “The Almighty” and it’s your time to awaken the inner self……

Few words I still remember as heard from my loving ❤️ Mother….though she is no more…..

I wish she was alive to see me Bloom with words ever spoken by her only…

Always be generous to the one ☝🏾 who needs your love ❤️ the most.

I remember a small story from my own life…..That was long back.
Those days I joined a branch on my promotional transfer as Senior Manager in a bank branch in a very posh locality at Siliguri . After trying much to give a boost to my branch financials couldn’t achieve much in a short term.One day our Regional Manager “Sri Basudeb Ganguly”to whom I respect as my first mentor came for a visit to Siliguri & that was my first interaction with Ganguli sir.

I went to meet him in the Hotel room as he was supposed to address some other local branch heads.I was sitting before him with a gloomy face 😞.

He straight away asked me “Mr Bhanja always remember a small thing in life ! Always put a SMILE on your face ” 👄 and you never know “some one might be starting his/her day seeing your smiling face”.

It just touched my heart ❤️
Let’s all keep on writing and I know best & emotional Blogs won’t attract much likes or comments but the True people will come and praise your worthy writing always…

Mother used to say with her words of Wisdom….
Learn to love ❤️ the unknown the unseen…
Learn to forgive the biggest enemy in your life….
Learn to live and let live All….
Be true in your words what ever it may be…
Be humble and compassionate

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