Couple disharmony

Can you imagine what happens or what can happen when husband and wife are not in harmony? A lot of things go wrong. Many other problems come up. The children may suffer as well.

Many families have experienced untold suffering because husband and wife are not getting on well. Don’t you know some cases?

It is necessary that when husband and wife quarrel, they should reconcile without waste of time. They should not go to bed in anger against each other.

Reconciliation is not an easy thing, however, for people who fall out. You need to put pride aside and make an effort for your relationship. This is what is called fair fighting in marriage.

A good, harmonious relationship does not come on its own. You have to fight for it. There are many temptations to overcome in relationship. Usually there are times when you think you no longer need your spouse just because you are angry with him or her.  Such a thought may push you to do silly things which further sink your relationship.

You must be wise when anger comes into your relationship with your spouse. You have to be wise when you have a strong urge to call it quits.  Be wise when you start feeling that without your spouse you will be better. Know that even the best couples do experience low moments in their relationship; but wisely do not allow them to ruin their marriage.

Couple disharmony is not a call to an end to a marriage. It is a call for you to fight for your relationship; and make sure you win. Of course, you win when you bring back harmony into your marriage.

Do not wait for your spouse to start the effort to restore harmony in your relationship. Be the first to start. It is a sign of a great mind.

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