What a tragic end!

Denison might still have been alive today had his marriage been good. He was bustling with life when he got married. And he had a lot of expectations too.

Soon, unfortunately, things turned sour. He quarreled and fought with his wife every night. The home was not a place of love, peace and harmony, but one of hatred, violence and disharmony. It was more or less a battleground.
Denison took to drinking to sink his worries. But before long he became addicted.

It did not end there. One day, after a heavy drinking spree, while driving home, uselessly drunk, he drove into a standing truck and died on the spot.
What a tragic end for a husband who started off so well!


2 thoughts on “What a tragic end!

  1. Is there a standard rule that a man becomes an addict if his relationship with a woman fails? The themes of our cinema (Tamil films shot here in Chennai) are based on this. And the fans faithfully follow this edict in their life. For a film producer it is ok because his only aim is to mint money. He is no evangelist to propagate moral and model living. But why not we promote the other theme – that a man makes his life useful to others?


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