How do I get over that wall?

And then there was one

via Daily Prompt: Catapult

So as things are going better than ever in my new/old relationship how do I catapult over that wall of fear that still haunts me? My brain and heart are always in a constant battle.

Brain: be careful, he might change his mind, don’t get too attached.

Heart: too late – you’re already hooked, just give in.

Brain: no I’m not already hooked, hold back, be realistic – you know how this always ends for you.

Heart: oh please, just give in already, when have you ever been one to hold back how you feel?

Maybe I should just trust my gut, my instincts are usually right. It’s telling me that it will all be okay and if it isn’t I’m strong enough to deal with that outcome too. But this time I’m hopeful….and happy.


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