You will accomplish more

Each time I start my day early, I end up accomplishing more than when I start late. The lesson is therefore clear to me. Start your day early. Work as hard as you can. And you will accomplish as much as you can. In fact, you will accomplish more.

Is this all it takes?

This is the question that many ask. To it I say no. Add to this point prayer and faith. Pray as much as you can about your work; and believe you will succeed. This will not make success come automatically or by leaps and bounds, but it will come.

If you meet failure along the way or obstacles or setbacks, do not be surprised or discouraged, persist. You will emerge victorious at the end of the day. The great men of the world passed through this dark channel to the sunlight of glittering success. So too can you.

Do as I have said. You will accomplish more.