Create your own thing

You want to create your own thing?
Laudable ambition;
Think hard;
Work hard;
Fight hard;
It’s not easy to create anything;
But no one says it’s impossible,
You only have to think hard;
Believe hard;
And work hard;
Your imagination has to go to work;
You have to listen to your inner self,
And take a look at what others are doing;
Of course, you have to be determined
To create your own thing;
And the truth is you can do it.


4 thoughts on “Create your own thing

  1. Creating is a part of us (“We were created in God’s own image and after his likeness”). If Our God is a Creator and we are is image and within us are his likeness. Then we are creators…
    You can create your own thing if you can connect to the source and if you are not lazy. Like it was said “it is not easy to create but so also it is not impossible all you have to do is to Work hard”. Thanks for this.

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