Retired from Medicine at 37: The Finances Behind Her Decision


Retired from Medicine at 37: The Finances Behind Her Decision

Today’s article is a guest post from Valerie A. Jones, MD, a way early retiree who left behind a medical career at the ripe young age of 37. To learn why check out her post at OB Doctor Mom entitled Retired at 37: Breaking Up With a Career in Medicine. To learn about the finances that allowed her to do this, read on.

I am a 37-Year Old Retired OB/Gyn

Usually, when I tell people I retired from my physician career at age 37, they respond with shock. Some look at me like I am the most foolish person they have ever seen. Some with disdain (“all that medical education wasted”). Some doubt that my future will be secure without having a steady paycheck.

However, as it is only my close friends/family I discuss this with, they mostly respond with sincere…

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