-Love ❤️ is an Expression-

“Sharing an Emotion…..”

It’s our “Pihu” the African Grey Parrot (Cango African Grey-CAG) who is with us since he was just a 3 month old baby 👶.

Just i was interacting another Grey Parrot lover here in wordpress and a beautiful emotional stuff came to my mind which I am sharing…..

Yes its true 💯%

I was leaving home 🏡 for a trip for half_a_week and as usual i told Pihu all about my trip as i was sure he understood because he bowed his head to make me scratch his head as i do all the time.

Last night Wife was telling Pihu shouts “Mitu” “Mitu” a lot of times during day but as wife responds him with hi or hello he doesnt give his usual “kissing sound”which pihu gives me only.

Isn’t it interesting…..

~Love ❤️ can do wonders~

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Its great 👍