New Poems.

I have some new poems as I am always writing them, they seem to just write themselves somehow, but I will post them here, and I have a new topic which I have written about previously but made an effort to include a dozen or more about lightning and storms as well as over a dozen for a favourite topic of mine, ‘love’ which I am sure I will always have some to include. I love writing poems for the people of WordPress and always like the little words sometimes included. I once noticed one man included some that straight away looked incorrect as the words he used mean the opposite to what he said, but like antonyms that remain synonymous with the words used they are invaluable,  and I also have friends who comment knowing nothing at all who have helped just by commenting, and this particular man I thought read my mind even though what he said was understandably on the web at a touch to present the meaning which I took into account, also knew I was actually thinking of what he said to write my poems, which blew me away at how incite-full some people are and I thanked him. I know everyone has something to add to anything we have, and I have written 10 books now with one more on the way and half way through already, apart from the lifetime of knowledge crammed and rehearsed to be able to present work which appeals to myself, as I am my own worst critic although I always loved the sound of words so writing them to such taste that is made easier in the rehearsal and reading. I have many people who have inspired my work who have never necessarily needed to know anything more than how to add their feelings, and of course what they like is included and they are always well thought of by me, just for any thing they may add. I will present some of the covers also, and I love words is my favourite saying, so of course I love WordPress for existing for us “To The Max” Very Much hahaha.