💃😍💃 “बचपन” ~Girlie~ “लड़कियाँ”



~LET me FLY you~ back 2 OUR Your CHILDHOOD~


The pretty darling with a head-band is Aayushi

The sweety is Bandana….

They just #Rock when they are together. Posing with their favourite Doll is as if posing with a #Star.

I am sure asif the Doll 🏡house is everything for them !

Making ready the kitchen ,planning for a holiday with babies and what not.…..leads to an “immense joyous moment”&unforgettable childhood that we all had once in our life-time.

I am sure nothing else can match the level of contemplation than playing with theirDolls & the Doll 🏡 house…..

That’s how our girls get themself ready to #RuleThisPlanet….hehehe
& THAT’s HOW #Girlie things happen #Globally”

I am sure if this blog is not turning you on I would wish- let your girlie stuff….ohooo……… I mean your…

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