Let’s rekindle our love

How do you think I feel, my dear,
When you openly show me
That your love for me has faded?
You no longer care about me;
You no longer have time for me;
You no longer consider me to be anything;
You no longer value me;
You no longer respect me;
You no longer take me as your priority;
How do you think I feel?
If you were me,
How would you feel?
I don’t like what you are doing to me;
It’s unfair of you, my dear;
You are killing me softly;
And pretending not to know;
That is very unfair of you;
It’s not what you promised me;
Examine yourself and change;
Do what is right;
And let our love be what
It is supposed to be;
Let’s rekindle our love
My love!


#love, #poem, #rekindle