The blame game

I don’t believe in the blame game. It doesn’t help. Rather, it creates problems.

I have a good case in hand to illustrate this point. Once upon a time, we pursued a project in which we invested enormously. To say the least, we invested all our resources. It was important to us and we wanted at all cost to succeed in it.

You can imagine our shock and dismay when we failed to achieve our aim. The project head became inconsolable. He had invested the most in it. Without any waste of time, he began to apportion blame here and there. Of course, unfortunately, the blames were thrown back at him. And as you would expect, the atmosphere in the company became tense.

The good news, however was, finally, wisdom prevailed. We decided that rather than indulging in a fruitless blame gain, it would be more beneficial to take a positive approach, trace the problem and correct it. This approach worked. We easily traced the error and got to its roots. That done, we found it easy to correct it and relaunch the project. The results were outstanding.

The blame game does not pay. If you are pursuing a project and unfortunately it fails, waste no time in the blame game. Trace the problem and solve it. Then go on to achieve your goal.



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