In it’s Purest Form


Just a dog?

Did you know about

Dogs on Duty?

“The Veterans Administration only recognizes service dogs for veterans with sight, hearing or mobility issues.

A study is being conducted by the Veterans Administration to validate veterans with PTSD can benefit from service dogs. We have directly witnessed the benefits a service dog can give to a veteran with these disabilities.

In fact, there may be a direct link to the benefits of service dogs and the prevention of suicide in the veteran population.”- quoted from

Furry friends, pets, hairy children.

No matter what you call them

They walk with us, endure, comfort,

No matter where our lives go,

They are our constant.

The purest form of

Love, perhaps only

the mother and child

bond have a stronger connection.


We have been side by side for just over 10 years.

My buddy, my partner, my cheerleader and my…

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